Malvern Family Resource Centre is a charitable organization which provides programs and services to strengthen families in the community.

For us to continue this vital work, we need your support and donations. Investing in Malvern Family Resource Centre means you are making a positive change in the lives of children, youth, women and seniors.

We appreciate all contributions because every dollar goes to improving our programs and services.

Please make a donation to our Centre by cheque or on-line PayPal below.  

A tax receipt will be issued when you make a donation of over $20.00.



Please make cheques payable to Malvern Family Resource Centre, and forward to

90 Littles Road
Scarborough, Ontario M1B 5E2
Attention: Girmalla Persaud, Executive Director


Credit Card via PayPal (Secured)


  1. Click the button below to open a new page for PayPal.
  2. Once in PayPal, Type donation amount in “Item Price” and click “Update”.
  3. Make payment by either logging in your existing PayPal account,
  4. or, filling out the [Don’t have a PayPal account] section and click “continue” in the lower right corner to continue payment.

Thank you!