WP Program Assistant

This position is under Women’s Place.   Volunteer will be responsible for providing program support to Women’s Place staff.


  1. Assist with recruiting individuals for program participation, workshops, community meetings, surveys, and other activities
  2. To research information dedicated to the program in question
  3. Assist with updating research material for program
  4. Maintain/update program records, databases, files, and program binders as needed
  5. Assist in the organization of program
  6. Provide research assistance for projects and events
  7. Assist with the purchase of supplies for program
  8. Assist with the development of material for programs
  9. Assist scheduling and coordinating member events, including trainings, and workshops
  10. Comply with policies and procedures regarding confidentiality, privacy, reporting and record keeping
  11. Assist with collecting service statistics
  12. Accurately records phone messages and ensure prompt delivery; route calls and/or respond as appropriate to inquiries


  1. Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
  2. Ability to communicate with sensitivity to clients from diverse language and cultural backgrounds
  3. Ability to work responsively and proactively within a small teamwork based framework
  4. Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  5. Good working knowledge of computers and appropriate software
  6. Commitment to anti-racism and non-discrimination practices
  7. Complete MFRC volunteer orientation and completed all necessary forms including the Confidentiality Agreement
  8. Complete Women’s Place volunteer training
  9. Criminal reference check is required or police clearance letter is required
  10. Commit to volunteer for a minimum of three to eight hours per week for six months to one-year

For more information, contact:

Volunteer Coordinator
Email: volunteer@mfrc.org
Phone: 416-284-4184 ext. 244

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