Gardening Volunteer

Organizational Mission

Malvern Family Resource Centre is committed to strengthening families and individuals, through inclusive and effective programs and services for children, youth, women, seniors and families in the Rouge River Riding.

Overview of Major Responsibilities

Volunteers are needed to help keep our lawn and garden beautiful for our families to enjoy during their visit to the Centre.

Who Volunteer Position Reports To

Admin Facilities Coordinators

Training Opportunities

On-going supervision is available


  1. Assist with maintenance and grooming of indoor and outdoor plants
  2. Water grass and plants
  3. Weed plant beds
  4. Trim/prune as required
  5. Rake dry leaves/dead plants
  6. Assist with maintaining the tidiness in garden sitting area


  • Volunteers may work in outside garden or inside tending house plants. Conditions may vary widely during the course of the day
  • This position requires bending, lifting and is very active
  • Reliability. Minimum of 2-3 hours per week. Day and time is flexible and can be chosen by volunteer, however, must be between Monday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Benefits of this Volunteer Role

  • Share you skills and talent
  • Learn or develop a new skill
  • Meet friendly, active, community-minded people
  • Motivation and sense of achievement

Work Location:

90 Littles Road Scarborough, ON

For more Information, contact:

Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 416-284-4184 ext. 244

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