Civic Engagement Committee

This position is under OSN.

The Malvern OSN Civic Engagement Committee is looking for members to join the Committee. If you are interested in planning initiatives for upcoming elections to encourage voter turnout, increasing voter education and getting involved in advocating for issues that you would like to be changed in the community, please join us!


  1. Assist with organizing and planning events and initiatives for elections such as Town Hall Meetings and All Candidates Debates
  2. Conduct community outreach in the community to encourage persons to go out and vote and to get involved in elections events and initiatives
  3. Organize voter education sessions and work with youth on election initiatives
  4. Liaise with local councillors and other elected government officials to advocate for issues that require a change in the community


  1. Good planning and organization skills
  2. Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
  3. Must attend a volunteer orientation
  4. Must be able to attend monthly meetings; required availability may increase when there are events

For more information, contact:

Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 416-284-4184 ext. 205

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