Malvern Youth Advocacy and Action Program Launched

Malvern Family Resource Centre (MFRC) launched the Malvern Youth Advocacy and Action Program (MYAAP) with support from the Maytree Foundation. The official launch of MYAAP took place on January 13th, marking a significant milestone for the program.

Our inaugural cohort experienced tremendous success during the first two sessions, with esteemed Federal Ministers Jenna Sudds and Gary Anandasangaree offering valuable insights to youth embarking on their advocacy engagement journeys. MYAAP, backed by the Maytree Foundation, aims to empower 10 Black and racialized Scarborough youth through a paid out-of-school opportunity. This initiative is designed to equip them with essential leadership, advocacy, and public policy skills, fostering valuable experience for active involvement in evidence-based policy advocacy within the education and housing systems at the local and provincial levels.

Elevating youth voices, prioritizing lived experiences, and providing the necessary support for skill development, MYAAP is committed to producing youth-led public policy briefs and solutions. These initiatives will focus on fostering equitable and accountable education and housing systems, contributing to the cultivation of the next generation of policy advocates.

MFRC is enthusiastic about the launch of this essential transformative program in the community and eagerly anticipates the ripple effect and outcomes. Stay connected with us on social media for the latest updates on the MYAAP program and witness the positive changes unfolding in our community.

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