Malvern Food Festival Returns!

Malvern Food Festival Returns!This August, we are bringing back Malvern Food Festival with more vendors for vegetables and fruits, hot food items, children activities and more!

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History of Malvern’s Food Market & What is it? In 2011, Malvern was known as a “food desert” due to the limited spaces where residents could purchase healthy, affordable food. Food deserts are neighourhoods where residents have little or no access to stores and restaurants that provide healthy and affordable foods. In Ontario, food deserts can be classified as large gaps in the city where it is difficult or impossible to find a grocery store within walking distances. In food deserts, you will notice more fast food chains or high priced convenience stores. Due to these geographical constraints it can affect our dietary choices that may lead to obesity or chronic diseases.

The original name, Good Food Market (Malvern’s Food Festival) started in Malvern by a group of residents who wanted to bring better food access to the Malvern community. Malvern Food Festival aims is to bring food directly into the heart of the community and to change perceptions of where a farmer’s good food market can take place and how is should be for.

In 2012, Malvern’s Food Festival was featured on City News:

2) What kind of vendors will you find at the Food Market?At the Malvern Food Festival, you will find:

  • Fresh Fruits like apples, oranges, local berries
  • Fresh vegetables like ginger and garlic
  • Leafy Greens & Herbs
  • Creative Art Performances from the youth
  • Board Games
  • · Face painting and henna
  • · Delicious grilled corn and lemonade!

The Action of Neighbourhood change department who hosts Malvern Food Festival is looking forward to seeing talented youth perform and see the community come together for food and fun activities!

We are currently looking for more performers! Please contact Raafia @

Details to Malvern Food Festival:
Saturdays (August 12, 19, 26)
Time: 1 – 4 p.m
Location: Malvern Library – 30 Sewells Road

Click here for more informationCheck out more programs from Action of Neighbourhood Change.


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