Intergenerational Poetry Program

At MFRC, we recently have started a new program with a focus of intergeneration. MFRC sees the importance of bringing the young and wise generation through a series of learning and social interactions. We have held intergenerational programs for drumming, computer class and now poetry.

This exciting chapter have provided opportunities for the children, and seniors to learn from one another. The opportunity have opened the eyes of the children and for some, who don’t usually interact with seniors.

Kesh and Joe, our senior volunteers at our centre shared about their favourite moments from our Intergenerational program.

“Working with the students at Grey Owl was a wonderful experience. I have not seen such polite and respectful elementary students, and I believe it is due to the great admin, fantastic teachers and (of course) the hard-working students themselves. These types of intergenerational activities/programs should continue; I believe we learned as much if not more than the students did… a tribute to this generation! Seeing the “light dawn” on Grade 5/6 pupils as they worked on their poetry, and telling their experience and feelings was heartening. I have always thought that younger generations have a lot to teach us, and this experience has strengthened that opinion.”

Joe is a retired high school teacher, it was a great experience for him to teach out of his own element.

A variety of thank-you poems written by the students for our volunteers

Some thank-you poems & notes said:

“You were a pleasure, and you will be missed beyond measure. We had a special beyond, and I will miss you infinity and beyond.”

“A big thanks to you because I love poems now all because of you guys.”

“I thank you very much, I’m at a loss for words. I will follow your advice, and soar like a bird. Your lessons were rich, and you have taught me a lot. So in my mind, you will always be a thought.”

Through 4 weeks of program, the program strengthened the relationship among seniors and children. As well, promote the mutual understanding and appreciation for one another. Love,and respect was fostered through this program, said Kesh.

One of Kesh’s favourite memory during programs is being able to experience the warmth and affection of the young ones.


If you are a senior, we are currently looking for volunteers to join in this initiative.

At MFRC, we are excited to see the different possibilities intergenerational programs can provide to foster an environment of continuously growing, and learning but more important, fostering love and respect.

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