Food Art Ideas

This Friday, our Women’s Place Creative Women created art out of food! The girls and women learned how to make simple garnishing techniques to enhance your dinner plate. We would like to share some fun techniques to make your vegetables and fruit stand out on your dinner plate.

Food Art, fruits created in animals

This activity will require a cutting board, sharp pairing knife and a plate to garnish.

  1. Dolphin Banana

    To make a dolphin banana, there are 4 simple steps.
    a) Cut the banana in half with a horizontal cut. This will allow the banana to stand up on the plate.
    b) Cut off the very tip of banana.
    c) Make a horizontal cut on the banana’s stem for the dolphin’s mouth.
    d) Add one dot on each side of the banana for the eyes.

  2. Star Carrots 

    Instead of having round thin slices of carrots, we will incorporate few cuts to make it little more fun.
    a) Peel the skin of the carrots.
    b) Make 4 cravings wedge indents on the carrot (top, bottom, left and right.
    c) When the indents have been craved, cut the carrot in little slices.

    A simple knife technique is to cut a straight line and the second cut, put it on an angle. This will allow you to make a wedge out of the carrot easier.

    Banana cut into a dolphin 20170818_123301(0)

  3. Apple Swans 
    For instructions and details visit here.

    We are currently looking for Creative Women workshop teachers. If you like doing crafts and want to teach other people some fun projects. Join us for volunteering!

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