Homemade Butter in 10 Minutes!

At Malvern Family Resource Centre, we believe in encouraging the children to learn and explore. One of our favourite things to do during programs is making fresh and homemade food.

This  simple and interactive recipe for children to see a liquid be transformed to delicious butter. MFRC’s children loves being able to make their food from scratch and eat their own creation.

Butter Recipe with Kids


  • Whipping Cream (35%)
  • Bread (of any kind you would like)
  • Salt (optional)


  • Glass jar with a secured lid
  • Plastic Knife
  • Toaster (optional)


  1. Using the glass jar, pour the whipping cream halfway of the jar and secure it with the lid.
    (you can pour as much whipping cream as needed, do not fill it to the top. You will require room at the top of the jar)
  2. Then start shaking!
  3. Shake the jar with whipping cream till it becomes a liquid to a solid.
    In our programs, we gave a turn for each of the children to shake and see the whipping cream turn into butter!
  4. Open the jar and it will be finished if you see a consistent solid. The liquid in the jar is called Buttermilk! This can be used for baking.
  5. Add a dash of salt in the butter, if you would like.
  6. Serve the butter on your favourite bread!

This is a great and simple recipe to make at home on Saturday breakfast day for the family.

There is no preservatives so the butter will only be good for a day or two in the refrigerator.

See you next Friday for our next post!

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