Volunteer Impacts at MFRC


Volunteer Impacts at MFRCIn 2016, we had over 550 volunteers join us in achieving our mission to strengthening families and individuals in Malvern. Without our volunteers, our after school program will be like a zoo, our seniors will lose great instructors, our computer class will not exist and our administration storage room will be a mess.

At Malvern Family Resource Centre, we acknowledges these 550 volunteers who have committed to join us for the year or for a season. It is their helping hands that makes it essential.

But one of our favourite things to see is, how the volunteer experience is changing our volunteer’s lives.

This Friday, we are going to share some of our favourite volunteering experiences from our champions.

Devvon’s Story“My name is Devvon. I am 22 years old and I have austim.

I have volunteered at different programs and agencies and am now volunteering with MFRC. I like to volunteer, as I like to meet new people. I get to do new things where I learn and get better, help others and keep busy. I am happy to be there. By volunteering, I also hope to one day get a job with one of the places where I had volunteered.

Volunteering with the seniors department at MFRC is fun and relaxing for me. I feel good, and I think they like me too. I do not have grandparents, so being with the seniors is special. They are nice and friendly. They speak with me and ask me to play games. I help set up for the activities we are going to do.

The staff are very kind. They make me feel comfortable and make sure I am okay. They let me know I did a good job.

I feel proud when I say that I am a volunteer.”

Volunteers gardening and do the cn tower climb

Kissoondai (Bebi) BalgobinBebe is an invaluable volunteer at Middle Years Centre. Twice a week she comes in and spends two to three hours preparing snacks for children in the After School Program. Rain or snow she never misses a day.

Her role has changed quite a bit since she first started volunteering with us 3 years ago. Initially, she prepared simple snacks, such as fruit or cheese or crackers. However as time went on, the snacks became more elaborate.

From soups to chow mein, to fried rice and her special take on mac and cheese. Bebi now creates mouth-watering meals for the children in the after school program. She truly enjoys cooking for them. Her dedication and commitment provide the heart to what we do here at Malvern Family Resource Centre.

Without volunteers like Devvon and Bebi, we will not have great volunteers to support our programs.

We want to say thank-you and recognize all these volunteers!If you are a volunteer at MFRC, we are inviting you to our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on Friday April 28, 2017. Please check our facebook for updates and look out for your invitation!

If you are interested in sharing your volunteer experience, please email Carmen Tan! Email: ctan@mfrc.org
We would love to hear about your experience.

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