Women’s Place is excited to co-ordinate and deliver INCLUDED: Connecting Diverse Women with Disabilities in North-East Scarborough project. The pilot project aims to engage women with disabilities, caregivers of women with disabilities, and service providers to understand and develop best practices to overcome the unique challenges that women with disabilities in the community face.

The INCLUDED project is inclusive of all women; differently abled women; women with physical, mental, developmental and learning disabilities, or disability as a result of an injury; or women with any self-defined/ self-identified disability.

We had our first community consultation on January 27 and a focus group with caregivers of women with disabilities on February 9, bringing together community members and individuals to learn about the project. They discussed the  different issues and challenges that women with disabilities in the community face, as well as, envision opportunities for the project.

It was great to see women from all walks of life and ages!

The women at each table brainstormed and shared about the different challenges.

The INCLUDED project also runs bi-weekly social programs that provide opportunities for women with disabilities to connect to friends and the community.

The INCLUDED Social will be led by an INCLUDED volunteer and focus on practicing gratitude and integration of adaptive yoga/breathing exercises. In the spring, the INCLUDED project will also hold a 12-week creative arts program.

Women’s Place, INCLUDED project committee members and volunteers are all very excited and optimistic of what the INCLUDED project can accomplish.

From many conversations with community members, volunteers, participants and other organizations, we understand the need for this project and collaborative efforts to overcoming these challenges that women with disabilities in the community face. In doing so, we hope to contribute to a stronger, more equitable, more inclusive and sustainable community.

If you would like to contribute to the discussions or participate in the project, please contact or 416.284.4184 ext. 236.

Coly Chau, is the INCLUDED Project Coordinator. Coly is an University of Toronto alumni, she studied politics and economics. She has a wide range of experience from working with not for profits in the health, housing and LGBT advocacy.