Middle Years – After School Program

2020 Staying Home …

  • “I loved after school it made me busy and it was fun, I am sad that after school is ending. I miss you all” -Aaron

  • “I loved when we made lava lamps made lemonade played scrabble and doing arts and crafts and other things” -Evangeline

  • “I like when we play games” -Abisha

E-card created by our kids online:


“Being a working parent, the Afterschool Program is really helpful. It is a place for me to leave my kids afterschool; the extended hours is extremely helpful. The main thing I like is how my kids are able to do their homework in program and get it done. It makes it really helpful especially after picking up the kids and coming home in the evening to know that their homework is completed. The kids also really enjoyed the PA Day camps and March Break Camp and going out with other kids on trips and doing new activities. The programs are a safe environment and the facilitators know how to handle different behaviours. I am looking forward to all the future programs that are offered.”

Tharsana Naguleswaran
March 2018

Newcomers & Settlement Program Experience

From a Newcomer

“I wanted to let you know my work permit has been approved. I received an email to find the positive decision. I can’t thank “the Newcomers Team” enough. I don’t know how I could have gotten through the past few months without your help. I am very grateful indeed.”
Mike U
March 2018

Volunteer Experiences

From an Early Years Program Volunteer

“I look forward to coming each and every day. Coming in and seeing the smiles on all the children’s faces is definitely the best feeling in the world. Listening to all the crazy, creative stories they have to share certainly makes my day. I absolutely love coming to program. I have so much fun, and love everything about it.

Volunteering for this amazing program has had a huge impact on my life. I have learned so much from this experience. I love meeting new people each day and watching this program successfully grow. Volunteering has also reflected into my personal life, as I have become much more aware of the importance of my responsibilities. I have also learned to love life a whole lot more with this program. Days where I am overwhelmed with assignments, I come here and forget about all that, and have a great time. From being surrounded by joyous parents and children, I realized how great it is to have something in your life that means so much to you. After working with children, I have noticed myself becoming a much more compassionate, caring, positive and happier person. The incredible staff has also had a great impact on me. I have learned so much about how to interact with both children and parents. I am so thankful to be a part of this wonderful program.”

April 2016

From a long-time volunteer with Women’s Place

“One of the things that sticks out in my mind is how comfortable the women are knowing that they are in a safe environment and they can have conversations while getting and giving advice to one another. I will always remember the free clothing drive where the community came together supporting those in need in our community.

The impact that volunteerism has on me is the empowerment that I feel knowing that I can share my experiences with someone else, sharing resources that can help with someone’s need and knowing that I am supporting my community any way I can.”

April 2016

From a volunteer with Special Needs

“My name is Devvon. I am 22 years old and I have autism.
I have volunteered at different programs and agencies and am now volunteering with Malvern Family Resource Centre. I like to volunteer, as I like to meet new people. I get to do new things where I learn and get better, help others and keep busy. I am happy to be there. By volunteering I also hope to one day get a job with one of the places where I had volunteered.

Volunteering with the seniors department at MFRC is fun and relaxing for me. I feel good, and I think they like me too. I do not have grandparents so being with the seniors is special. They are nice and friendly. They speak with me and ask me to play games. I help set up for the activities we are going to do.

The staff are very kind. They make me feel comfortable and make sure I am okay. They let me know I did a good job. I feel proud when I say that I am a volunteer.”

April 2016

5 Stars for Early Years Programs

January 2016

Agencies Working Together

Our Housing Worker was able to put a client in touch with the Islamic Relief Foundation, who was distributing household items donated by Bed, Bath & Beyond to those in need. Below is an email received by our Housing Worker from a recipient:

“I know that I am no different than many other people that are really struggling right now and the chance to be included in something like this has literally left me overwhelmed, my eldest son has now for the 1st time in years his own NEW blanket and pillow, he is so happy and it is so great to see, my youngest son is autistic and when I gave him his own new teddy I was not sure how he would like it, well he LOVES it, he is chatting away with his new best friend, I just want to thank you so very much for helping us out like this, we are in such a low place right now that these items have really made a REAL impact on our lives and how we are feeling.

I would have never thought that I would be someone in this much need or someone that was struggling this hard and I just wanted to make sure that they know that these items actually really have impacted our lives and even our warmth this winter and I swear that one day when things are better for me I will do something like this for someone else.

I guess that is all that I really can say, again thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

November 2015

Family-Fun at our Annual Multicultural Festival and Fair

“The Malvern Community Festival was a lot of fun for my entire family! I enjoyed the fresh food market, Zumba and African drumming. My 10 year niece and 11 year old nephew enjoyed making their own smoothie via cycling. The youngsters enjoyed having their names written in Chinese Calligraphy so much that they posted it onto their bedroom doors. Overall, it was a great experience!”

June 2015

Breakthrough Project at Kennedy House

“I spoke with the staff that was present and she had nothing but positive feedback. She said Laryl presented well and made the residents feel quite comfortable with your approach and sharing.

Also, one of the residents approached me and said she really enjoyed the presentation. She liked that it wasn’t someone preaching to stop doing drugs but more of how to cut back and be safe.

Overall, I think this was a great success. Thanks so much!”

Jordan from Kennedy House
June 2015

Mothers and Daughters Enjoy a “Girls Night Out”

Feedback from a presenter on Facebook for our Mother’s Day event.

May 2015

Our Participants in the News

“We want to congratulate Hamza Atta and Keelan Williams as the #MLSEFdnLeader for August.

As a resident of the Rouge River/Malvern community for over ten years, 16-year-old Keelen is an active member of the Malvern Family Resource Centre. Outgoing, helpful, hardworking and athletic, Keelan starting volunteering with the YMCA to help get more kids active in the community. After being a participant for many years, he wanted to give back. “You need a coach to help you get better. When you have someone that can motivate kids to get outdoors and away from technology, that’s important,” he said.

Hamza, like Keelan, is a community youth volunteering his time with the Malvern Family Resource Centre. A four-year resident of the community, Hamza is a hardworking sport and academic enthusiast with dreams of becoming a doctor one day. His love of sports led him to coaching. “It is different from being a player to being a coach; I learned how to transfer my experience with different sports to teaching it to kids,” he said.

For the past few years, Toronto FC has played a friendly game with a European team who travels to Toronto. This year, Sunderland A.F.C. was that team. As part of their interest in playing Friendly games, Sunderland participated in some community work by leading a clinic for the Malvern Community Resource Centre. Both Keelan and Hamza were volunteering that day to ensure the clinic went off without a hitch. Their engagement in the clinic and the subsequent question and answer period caught the attention of our sport development staff. Because of their amazing engagement in the Sunderland Clinic, Keelan and Hamza were offered paid positions to work at our own TFC summer Camps and Clinics.

Hamza and Keelan are examples of how important it is to volunteer in the community and the impact it can have on others, as well as yourself.”

From MLSE Foundation article: “Hamza Atta & Keelan Williams are Leaders in the Malvern Community”

Feedback From the Archives…

“I am a mother of three kids ages 4, 8 and 10. My family has been coming to Malvern Family Resource Centre for 6 years now. We have benefitted from the programs offered by the Early Years Centre and Youth Centre, such as the after school program. MFRC has played a tremendous part in our lives with their programs geared specifically for different age groups and stages that aids in child’s development from early childhood to youth.

The knowledgeable staffs are constantly giving their utmost best to teach and provide support to families and kids like mine. They provide support in all aspects of parenting, homework help, cooking, art and crafts, sports games that increases the kids’ interaction, socializing (meeting lots of new friends), teamwork and developing leadership skills. I will continue to support and encourage other families to go and support this Resource Centre. Not only are the programs provided affordable or free and convenient, but my children will remember what they have learned and developed from these programs.”

November 2012

“Malvern Family Resource Centre plays an important role in my life. I got to know about this kind of centre from one of my friends. Then I started attending Resource Centre regularly from August 2011. I liked its diversity in programs, activities and teaching techniques.At that time my child was under 3 so I used to go for programs like “All About Me” and “Together Time”. My child learned quite a lot in a few days. She could sing almost every rhyme with actions and through these songs she learned counting and the alphabet. Even I got to know how, why and what to play with my child. Also how to tackle their mood swings.
Now I go for programs like “Math Fun”, “Fun with Letters” and “Wings of Discovery”. These programs help to develop a positive attitude towards math, science and language. Now my child knows a lot about various things, she can talk to teacher and other adults with confidence and now she is ready to share her toys with her peer group. This would not have been possible without “Resource Centre. I am really thankful to it.”

November 2012