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Youth Action Sports

Malvern Youth Action Sports Hub is a free, year- round multi-sport experience for youth ages (6-24). The Sports Hub invites youth to participate in a range of nontraditional sports and physical activities including: skateboarding, hiking, circuit training, and seasonal excursions. Our Youth Action Sports Hub staff will utilize the Canadian Sports for Life tools (PlayFun and PlayBasic) to identify participants’ strengths, increase confidence, and improve their overall level of physical literacy which is the gateway for sustaining an active lifestyle.

What we Offer
A free 4 session clinic where participants have an opportunity to participate in non-traditional and traditional activities that are based around Playfun & Playbasic.

For more information on what is Playfun and Playbasics we invite you to visit the physical literacy for youth website at

What to expect
• A 2 hour dynamic session with trained staff 
• A supportive and fun environment 
• Exploring the fundamental movement skills: (running/jumping/hopping/throwing/striking) through traditional/non-traditional games and activities

For more information contact: Randy Blackwood (Recreation Coordinator 416-284-4184 ext. 229)