Enable ACCESS Project

The Women’s Enable ACCESS project will address the gendered
systemic barriers faced by women with disabilities in North-East
Scarborough. The project will:

  • Empower women with disabilities to advocate for their needs
  • Build community capacity to better serve this group
  • Challenge stigmas to gain skills and become leaders, through various platforms
  • Foster a safe and inclusive community

Be a part of a Steering Committee

  • Attend monthly meetings to advise on the project achievements
  • Support community based research, workshop planning,
    advocacy, and more

Workshop Facilitation

  • Participate in storytelling training, and share own lived
    experience at a workshop with service providers to build
    community capacity

Project Volunteer

  • Complete community based research with women and service providers, and support delivery of project outcomes

Women with disabilities, caregivers, service providers or allies can also:

  • Sign up to complete a survey or interview to support the
    project’s research
  • Attend a workshop in 2017 to learn more about how communities can be more accessible and hear stories of lived experience
  • Share this opportunity with other women with disabilities

Please complete the following survey to support the research and explore the barriers and challenges women with disabilities and/or service providers experience.

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