Study Lounge Tutor

This position is under Youth Centre.
Available September to June

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Provide tutoring and homework support in one or more academic subjects to students in Grade 7 to 12
  2. Assists a student develop a better understanding of in-class and homework assignments
  3. Reviews completed assignments and suggests ways to improve or supplement assignments
  4. Provide positive feedback on the student’s progress and encourages the student’s continued focus on academic excellence
  5. Assist staff with set up and cleanup of program space

Skills, Education, Experience and other Requirements

  1. Experience or interest in working with youth in grades 7 to 12
  2. An understanding of Ontario Curriculum and the ability to tutor students with in any of the following subjects: Math, Science, History and English
  3. Must have good written and spoken English
  4. Strong communication skills
  5. Demonstrated ability to work in a team setting
  6. Willingness to provide assistance with smooth delivery of the program
  7. Good organizational skills


  1. Volunteers have to commit to at least one day per week which totals 2.5 hours
  2. Attend a mandatory volunteer orientation and complete all required forms

For more information, contact:

Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 416-284-4184 ext. 205