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Malvern Youth Cabinet

MYC Volunteer/Participant

Job Description

MYC is a youth advocacy group that attempts to discuss and address some of the pressing issues youth in Malvern are faced with. Through the planning of events to hosting of workshops and discussion sessions, it is the hope that the youth of Malvern will become more aware of the social and political issues that plague our community while developing proactive plans to address them. Volunteer hours will be given to members that are actively participating on the cabinet with the opportunity to earn additional hours by being on the Executive.


Must be 13-24 years of age living, working or attending a school in Malvern.

Roles and Responsibilities

The MYC Executive will be comprised of the following Positions:

The Board Chair will be a duly elected or appointed member of the Malvern Youth Cabinet (MYC) and be appointed as the Chair by the MYC each year.
Serve as the “hub” of governance activity, overseeing all aspects of MYC direction and administration, ensuring that the MYC works as a cohesive team.
Provide overall leadership to enhance the effectiveness of the MYC.
Organize, schedule and lead bi-weekly meetings to discuss important agenda items.
Ensure that meeting minutes are posted no later than 24 hours after the meeting.

In the absence of the Chair, be responsible for fulfilling and carrying out all duties of the Chair.
Be responsible for ensuring all members are contacted in advance of meetings and are aware of upcoming events (development of a monthly calendar).

Shall ensure that all approved MYC initiatives are adequately resourced.
Shall research new sources of funding for the MYC including external grants, additional city funds, etc.
Shall account for and maintain an understanding of the internal MYC Budget in collaboration with the MYC Coordinator.
Shall attend grant writing workshops and appropriate training for the MYC.

Community Liaison & Outreach (2 positions):
Shall be responsible for the creation and execution of the MYC’s outreach strategy and ensure that any initiatives being led by the executives are in accordance to the short-term and long-term goals outlined in the strategy.
Shall promote the MYC across the Community (i.e. presentations, special events) and be aware of all Community events.
Shall ensure the MYC is represented on any relevant/committees /groups.
Shall attend all MYC Meetings and update the membership in writing on a monthly basis via email.
Develop a master contact list of all organizations, partners and services.

Special Events
Shall establish event-based committees based on MYC endorsed events and encourage membership participation.
Shall ensure and support the committee in establishing a committee leadership and in ensuring the success of the committee throughout.
Shall attend all MYC Meetings and update the membership in writing on a monthly basis via email.

Media Relations
Shall establish and maintain a relationship with media acting as a liaison.
Shall promote the MYC across the community (i.e. presentations, special events).
Coordinate media conferences, including the writing of press releases, logistical support, and contacting media prior to media conferences and events.
Shall attend media relations workshops and appropriate training for the MYC.
Shall be responsible for the development and maintenance of the website, brochure, and any other MYC outreach materials in collaboration with the MYC coordinator.
Shall attend all MYC Meetings and update the membership in writing on a monthly basis via email.

For more information, contact:

Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 416-284-4184 ext.205