Newcomers Picnic

Yesterday, Malvern Family Resource Centre (MFRC), Newcomer’s Department hosted a picnic. We had residents from all around from North-East Scarborough. We decided to do the potluck picnic where all the residents brought their own cultural food and traditions. It was a fun filled morning with games, prizes and activities for everyone. We learned more about each other and connect our participants with the staff and volunteers.

This picnic was an opportunity for families to meet each other and for us to create memories with them. The social programs at MFRC are opportunities for newcomers to realize there are other families they can connect with. As well, there is support and resources provided when they ask.

Newcomer Family smiling together

People grabbing and sharing food

If we know a newcomer who needs help, what can we do?

At MFRC,  we offer a variety of services to anyone in the community, whether they are a newcomer to the country or just moved into the community from another area or even visitors. We offer settlement services at both our locations – 90 Littles Road and 1321 Neilson Road. Clients can come in person or give us a call to get information. Since MFRC has been in the community for over three decades, we have connections to many services providers in north-east Scarborough. We offer free services to help newcomers on a variety of issues; we offer various programs/workshops that can help newcomers connect with other community members and learn new things about Canada. Furthermore, we offer individual support to clients which include form-filling assistance, translation help, resume development, citizenship application and many more. We also cater our programs to youth, women, men and seniors.

If you want to assist a newcomer, join our volunteering team!

Newcomers Picnic Team Photos

What are some of the biggest challenges Newcomers face?

One of the main challenges, newcomers face would definitely be the language barrier, if English is not their first language. Learning a new language becomes a daily task, on top of the cultural differences and the extreme weather they face here. It’s important to provide a listening ear and desire to learn where they are coming from.

Other challenges include, access to the right services for themselves and their families, seeking employment, housing, transportation services and understanding the education systems (elementary, secondary and post-secondary). These challenges can get quite overwhelming for newcomers which could result in isolation and remoteness. At the Newcomer department we are more than happy to help Newcomers’ settle down and offer any assistance from case management to our social programs.

If you would like to learn more about our programs and services, check out our
What’s Happening for the Newcomers Department.

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