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Resident Engagement

Action for Neighbourhood Change (ANC)

Through Action for Neighbourhood Change, residents are able to develop a vision for what can be collectively achieved in Malvern. This forms the core of a strong and vibrant community.

What we do?

Action for Neighborhood Change (or ANC) is a United Way initiative currently focused on the thirteen priority neighbourhoods in Toronto.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Strengthen the influence of local residents
  • Enhance quality of neighbourhood life
  • Increase access to resources

Malvern ANC also administers the Resident Action Grant program – small one-time grants to resident-led projects of between $500 and $7000. This grant stream enables growing community groups to build their capacity and address emerging community concerns.

Malvern ANC started working in the community in March 2009. In that time Malvern ANC has built strong connections with community agencies, stakeholders and residents in the community.

Steering Committee and Work Groups

Based on consultations and surveying completed in the neighbourhood Malvern ANC focuses on six priority areas:
1. Food Security/Environmental Concerns/Neighborhood Beautification (Malvern Revitalization Committee)
2. Civic Engagement (Malvern Votes)
3. Community Safety (Malvern Residents’ Safety Committee)
4. Parent Engagement/Education (Parent Engagement Working Group)
5. Youth (Malvern Alumni Network)
6. Sports & Recreation (Sports & Recreation Working Group)

These tables give residents a key voice to assess community needs and develop strategies and interventions at the neighbourhood level to address their concerns. Each table also has a role in providing a collective voice for Malvern residents around each issue. Groups typically meet on a monthly basis, or in some cases as needed. We are always looking for new residents to join the conversation and take action, so please get in touch with us if you are interested in working on these issues or just simply to learn more about what’s happening in your community.

Malvern ANC brings together representatives from each one of these work groups to form a steering committee which provides guidance to the program and connects the work of the various work groups.

Some of the projects that Malvern ANC works towards include:
• Community gardens & the development of an urban farm
• Increasing available community programming at our parks and local community hubs
• Developing a neighbourhood food strategy and related social enterprises and employment opportunities
• Advancing new recreation initiatives such as skate parks and the neighbourhood’s first cricket pitch
• Publishing a bi-monthly electronic newsletter for residents
• Connecting residents with various training opportunities
• Safety audits
• Get out the vote campaigns
• All-Candidates election debates
• Workshops for parents to navigate the school system

For more information contact:
Malvern Action for Neighbourhood Change
90 Littles Road, Scarborough, ON M1B 5E2
Phone: (416) 284-4184 Ext. 220
Fax: (416) 293-1997

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