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Food Art, fruits created in animals Creative Women: Food Art
A few simple steps to make food into art!
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Learning Across Ages Document Cover Learn to Create Your Own Intergenerational Program
Discover a helpful guide to start a program that involves seniors and children
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Food Market 1 Malvern Food Festival Returns!
Learn about how Malvern Food Festival Started.
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Newcomer Family smiling together Welcome to the Newcomers Department
Learn more about our programs and how you can support a newcomer.
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Josie and Joan Volunteers Volunteer Spotlight: Empringham Breakfast Club
Get to know 2 of our Malvern residents who volunteers every morning for Empringham.
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Easter Egg Craft
Learn how to make colour eggs without vinegar!
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Intergenerational Learning
Get to know Kesh and Joe’s experience as a volunteer.
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Black Bean Vegetarian Wrap
Learn how to make a healthy wrap for your meals and meet most of your food groups.
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Power of Uniting our Voices
Have you ever thought of the importance of being an engaged citizen?
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Volunteering Impacts at MFRC!
Read some great volunteer stories at MFRC. We want to hear about yours too!
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Diabetes Nutrition with Michelle
Educate yourself with easy lifestyle tips to manage your diabetes.
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The Start of Barrier Free Community for Women
Read about Coly Chau’s reflection about the INCLUDED project, women with disabilities.
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Fish in a River A Fun and Edible Masterpiece
Learn how to make an easy 10 minute snack for your children.
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Laughter Yoga What is Laughter Yoga
Learn about the positive benefits from laughing.
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Youth Group 5 Tips to Support Youth
Discover 5 useful tips when working youths.
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Butter Icon Homemade Butter in 10 minute with Early Years
Learn how to make an easy and interactive recipe with your children.
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