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MFRC'S MESSAGE  Malvern Family Resource Centre remains committed to its values of respect, inclusion, and diversity, which are inherent in our day to day work at the agency.  ▶ Systemic racism is disparaging and a hurtful reality for many of our families and residents.  ▶ Malvern Family Resource Centre will therefore continue to ensure a safe and inclusive environment is embedded within the organization.  ▶ In addition, we are unwavering in our mandate to strengthening families, our staff team, and our volunteers as we go through these perplexing times.  ▶ We show our support for change by building community cohesion and solidarity and will deliver programs and services as a vehicle to break down the injustice and systemic racism that are endemic.◀
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Connecting residents to Canadian life

EARLY YEARS (0 - 6 years)

A welcoming place for parents and their children

MIDDLE YEARS (6 - 12 years)

After-school fun and learning starts here!

YOUTH (13 - 24 years)

Empowering youth for future success


Linking women to community services


Involving Seniors in innovative activities


Action for Neighbourhood Change (ANC)


Reports, documents and program information


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